Valle University and our company, Bioart carried out the official launch of the external fixation device “Atlas Fiz for the treatment of fractures” in the framework of the 5th National Course of Trauma, External Fixation and Infections carried out by the Colombian Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology (SCCOT), last Friday March 31 in the Allure Aroma Mocawa hotel in Armenia.

This would be the first product for sale in Colombia of its kind, which is one of the research and development results of the Biomechanics group of the Valle University. The authors of this development, Dr. Andrés Machado, PhD José Jaime García and y MsC Arlex Leyton, bet on developing a different and novel product of excellent quality and with scientific support to boost the national progress on technology, given the fact that traditionally, most of the external fixation devices are imported.

Bioart represented by its General Manager, Mauricio Giraldo and Valle University, formed a strategic alliance to present themselves the call for support to the development and commercial validation of functional prototypes of biological, biomedical and energy technologies with high potential for business growth in Modality # 2 financed by Colciencas and INNpulsa, managing to receive resources for more than 200 million pesos to carry out the industrial escalation of the technology and the entire marketing process of the product, which includes commercial validation to make it available to the Colombian market.

AtlasFiz is characterized by a unique versatility in its kind that allows it to adapt in a simple way to a wide variety of fracture cases. It is built in stainless steel and has been validated in biomechanical laboratory tests and in clinical trials that report satisfactory results. This product has patent granted in the United States and is in the process of gaining patent in Brazil. Bioart, technology for life.