– The Compensation Plan of La Santé Vital offers unprecedented incentives to its Independent Health Consultants
– The new model is supported by three mainstays to transform the lives of the Independent Health Consultants: Major Well-Being, Higher Income, A Better You.
– The Company is expecting from the new model an exponential growth and the eventual opening of new markets in 2016.

La Santé Vital, Colombian direct sale company with a path of 10 years in the production and commercialization of natural products for well-being for the family transcends his vocation and offers through the multilevel model a new life opportunity for the well-being of its Independent Health Consultants.

The company is now committed with the development of its Independent Health Consultants and the accompaniment in the way to reach their dreams. This model is supported by three mainstays: Major Well-Being, Higher Income and A Better You.

Major Well-Being through the most complete portfolio of natural products with the technical, scientific, medical and logistic support of La Santé Laboratories. We guarantee through standardized extracts that every product uses the power of nature to protect and improve the quality of life.

Higher Income: the exclusive compensation plan of La Santé Vital rewards the Independant Health Consultants since the first day and it allows them to expand an unlimited income. In addition, it offers recognition, trips to national and international destinations, cars, family care and the opportunity to reach freedom; especially as far as the work and dreams of the Independent Health Consultants go.

A Better You: a cutting-edge educational program called “Vital Power” designed to accompany the Independent Health Consultants in their path. It offers professional growth and development through courses, educational events, seminars and training materials.

The migration from the Plana Sales Model to Multilevel Model began in April in two areas of the country. These months have transformed the company within and externally. The collaborators team of La Santé Vital is compromised and waiting for the new challenge, as the leaders of the model who are receiving already the first results of the transformation.

Since July Colombia enjoys La Santé Vital, the new business opportunity.

Maria Fernanda Rios Saa
Strategy and Corporate Brand
Email. Fernanda.rios@carval.com.co
Phone. +57 2 687 4600